Museum of Flight!

Ok so I forgot to wrap up the little dates at the end of the year! I think we were two short of making our goal! This year I’m still going to do little dates but honestly every time me and Riley do anything special together it’s like we’re on a date, so I can’t title every blog post “little dates”! :)

The other day we went on a little date to the museum of flight in Seattle! It was actually awesome and like five times bigger than we expected it to be! We need to go back to finish it all, and we were there for four hours! My favorite part was going onto air force one. It was the one that jfk, Lyndon b Johnson, Nixon, and some other cool guys flew on! It was so cool to see how it was laid out and to hear some stories about the presidents who flew on it! My favorite story was about the time Hillary Clinton got stuck in the bathroom and she didn’t know there was a back door so she was panicking and yelling until someone came in the back door to get her out haha! This woman might be our president, people!

I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re in town, it was a lot of fun! it’s just at Boeing field right outside of the city. we even found a cardboard airplane cat house thing in the gift shop and seriously considered getting it haha!


^^^we also got to go on this one which i think is called the concord. it’s the fastest passenger plane and can fly to england in like, three hours! they don’t fly them anymore because it was too expensive and one blew or crashed one time.

^^^there was even a replica of amelia earhart’s plane that disappeared with her. it was flown on the same trip amelia took. pretty incredible!

^^^this was a mock up of the “tiger lounge” that boeing wanted to add to one of their planes but the space was used for extra cargo instead. it would’ve been awesome! also, there were a few simulators you can ride which i refused to do because i knew it would make me sick (never again since ___ at epcot)  

^^^riley in the cockpit of the fastest plane in the world! (the rest of the plane is below)


Museum of Flight! from Kiana Peper on Vimeo.