Snapshots of August

as soon as we came home from boston in july, i was ready and excited for august. we already had so many fun plans, and we would celebrate our first  anniversary! well, august turned out to be a little more stressful than i would have liked.  but we were still able to have a lot of fun as well :) we celebrated our anniversary at snowbird, went to the ogden temple open house, went to seven peaks for the first time, hung out with friends, went on some hikes, welcomed my brother back to utah for another semester (yay!), football started, and my best girlfriend came home from her her mission in japan!!! there were a lot of happy things that happened this month. and some hard things as well. my internship with alice lane was extended so i was still working two jobs. then just last week, i was hired on full time there! which also means i have to leave west elm. i am still feeling so torn and am so sad to be leaving west elm. but a lot of great things will come from working at alice lane, so i am so excited and grateful!

here are a few snapshots from august that i haven’t shared yet!



^^^me and my friend becca went up to snowbird (i couldn’t stay away) for a free yoga class and wow! i am so out of shape. sad sad sad.


^^^s’mores in a skillet. try it! | and guess who finally swam for the first time?!? our koda bear! i felt like such a proud mama. and he hasn’t stopped since! i love that cute little guy.


^^^riley went on a few hikes with his friends and koda. i always love to see his pictures on the top of whatever mountain he climbed that day.


^^^i did some pretty installs with alice lane! and like i said above, finished up my internship with them. what a great and inspiring company to intern with!


^^^we went to seven peaks for the first time because i had a free ticket. that place is so strange and i’m not sure if we’ll go back. but we did get some nice tans so that was a plus!


^^^i’m mostly just embarrassed about this. this little kitty just walked into our apartment and right into our lives. we tried to find its home and we’ve just kinda kept it for now. we like it but also hate it. cats are like toddlers! just so much work. and we don’t know a thing about cats! but here we are….if anyone wants a cat, please let us know!!


^^^we went to the downtown farmers market with our friends sarah and t.j. i love this farmers market. it’s hard not to buy everything! but we do always get some good deals on the best fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheese! this time we also bought rosemary to ass to our garden :)


^^^riley started back at school but, football season!! i am happy. that is all.


^^^so happy to have my brother back for another semester! and uh, how stylish is he?!


^^^and i got this cute friend of mine back too! she was in japan for 18 months serving an lds mission. let’s just say, i think i’m gonna be spending a lot of time in provo this semester :)



^^^and i have to add this picture because the struggle was so hilarious and we laughed so hard as we tried to corral all of the nieces and nephews in for a picture. just, everything.

august kinda flew by! but i’m excited for fall to be here because now i can really start planning our halloween party ;) happy september friends!

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