Halloween 2017

^^^a pimp and his girl, an old married couple

^^^these two were elliott ad gertie from e.t.! their baby was asleep for this pic, but she was e.t. and they made a basket which bike handles for her! it was hilarious! these other two and their baby were a lifeguard, shark, and shark attacked surfer!

this halloween season went by way too fast! the world series kinda got in the way of my halloween spirit because every night we watched that instead of halloween movies haha. but it was a good world series to watch, i must admit. it was my team up against riley’s team…but let’s be honest, riley cared more than i do so i’m happy for him haha.

this year, we had a Halloween bash with our friends! me and one of the other girls planned it together and i brought all of my halloween decorations over to her house. it was funny because usually, my decorations take up my whole apartment, but it pretty much only filled one table in my friend’s house haha! it was just a simple potluck but it was fun hanging out together and playing some halloween games and trivia. riley and i dressed up as chanel #3 and the red devil from scream queens! chanel #3 is my favorite character in the show so i loved channeling her and experiencing life with ear muffs haha! None of our friends here have watched the show so they didn’t appreciate our costume but my family and best friends out of state all know the show, so it was still a fun costume to wear! i love going all out with costumes and this one was no different. i even got a blonde wig but i didn’t end up wearing it because it was a little ridiculous haha. the best part is that i already had most of my costume in my closet. all i needed was ear muffs and a furry jacket. and it was easy to get riley to wear the red devil costume because a) he loves scream queens as much as i do and b) there wasn’t much to it! enjoy these fun pics we took in costume (and character). does anyone else here love scream queens like we do?! we even watch the first season every year around halloween time because it’s such a good halloween time show!