Peper Manor 2017

if you know me, you know halloween is my favorite day of the year, but for me, it starts right after my birthday in september! this year, every corner of our apartment was covered in halloween! i just wanted to share some pics on here to commemorate it :)

my halloween decor changes slightly every year so i wanted to share some tips! the first way i changed it up is just by using the same things i had, but in a different way or by putting them in new spots. on the mantle this year, i just bought more pillar candles from ikea and melted them down so it would look spooky. the best way to do this is to place all of the candles on some sort of ceramic dish, and burn them for a few hours! i did it while i watched netflix. to get them to drip the way mine are, just tilt them and play around with letting the wax go where it naturally drips. it takes a while but the result is awesome! you can get the wax off of your dish by putting it in the freezer- it comes right off! i hung my witch brooms and hat so it felt like a witch lived here! i bought the little ceramic pumpkins from the dollar spot at target- a total score! i just scattered them around the house in little groupings. and the black vases were on clearance at ikea for 99 cents each! we bought them a few months ago knowing they’d be perfect for halloween :) i also added the creepy spiders on the wall (ew!). i bought the pack from target last year.

i’ve loved having friends and family come over this month so i wasn’t the only one enjoying my decorations haha. i just can’t wait until we have a house (hopefully next year!) so it can really feel like a spooky/haunted house! it’s always been my dream to throw a big halloween bash every year but obviously our tiny apartment can’t accommodate that :)

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