Whidbey Island

on a rainy day in seattle, we drove up north and took a ferry to whidbey island, where it was sunny and warm! it was my first time to this island and we fell in love with it! our first stop was the giant off leash dog beach. we walked really far, playing fetch with koda and collecting purple shells :) it was a gorgeous , quiet walk along the beach, especially because we only saw maybe two other people there! our second stop was food, of course. riley found a place called whidbey pie cafe and we were so excited once we got there because it was in an old barn which sat on an amazing piece of land which had more off leash trails!! we ate lunch but the best part was definitely the warm berry pies with housemade ice cream! afterwards, we walked around the property and admired the pond and tulips. then it was time to check out those off leash trails! we could already tell that this island was very dog friendly! the views from the trails on top of the hill were ideal. you can see water on both sides, as the island is long and skinny. it was such a blast and we kept saying how much we’d love to live there…if only it wasn’t so far away from work. after we tuckered koda out, we drove around a lot of the island. there were so many cute towns!! we even found a dutch shop and loaded up on chocolate and windmill cookies! we had fun talking to the shop owner as we had just barely gotten back from holland! there were flowers blooming everywhere and so much farm land which we were surprised by. bainbridge island is totally different because it is covered in evergreens, but whidbey felt more like the country. which meant i kept playing country music and johny cash as we drove around :) it felt like the perfect day!

^^^i thought this picture was so funny of koda watching riley walk away ;)

^^^how amazing is this b&b?! it looks like my dream house and i want to stay there someday!