Visiting Draper James

^^^how great is this commissioned piece by gray malin, specially made for the dallas shop?!

Today is Reese Witherspoon’s birthday, everyone’s favorite southern girl! I just got back from a girl’s trip to Dallas where we were able to finally go to reese’s shop,¬†draper james! as a blue and white fanatic, designer, reese witherspoon fan, and a fashion lover, it was a dream! every choice of wallpaper, lighting fixture, and textile was so on point! talking to one of the gals working there (they were both so sweet and friendly, as everyone is in texas), she told me that mark sikes¬†designed it to represent reese’s home! the entry, kitchen, sitting room, and mudroom. it was such a sweet detail. i couldn’t help but take a few mirror selfies…good thing i dressed the part in my blue and white stripes! i loved that they didn’t mind that i kept taking a ton of photos too :) of course we wanted to buy everything but…maybe someday ;) i also loved that they offered sweet tea right when you walk in, i mean it doesn’t get more southern than that! there is a draper james in dallas, nashville, and they just announced a new one opening in lexington kentucky! y’all have to visit if you’re near one! (i tried using “y’all” as much as i could last weekend haha)