Venice Canals

we just had a crazy snow storm here in seattle! it has snowed here a little bit this winter, but nothing like this! it reminded me of our days in salt lake and i loved it! but now it’s raining which is no fun, so it’s a perfect time to share some photos from the venice canals and venice beach when we were in california :) surprisingly, i had never walked around the canals before! i loved it so much, especially peeking into all of the gorgeous homes and patios! i figured people do that all day long so i didn’t feel creepy ;) it was hard to pick a favorite house! the weather was perfect and people were out walking their dogs or pushing a stroller, it just felt so perfect and so california! it would be a dream to live on the canals and cruise around on kayaks and bikes every day! the canals are only about two blocks from the beach so we walked over there to watch the skate boarders at the skate park. it’s so fun to watch them here because there are always a ton of people gathered around but the skaters (…boarders? what are they called?) are just in their element. we also went to lemonade for lunch which is our fave when we’re in california. we had some of the best thai meatballs and some sort of magical chicken that riley ate so fast because it was so incredible haha!