A Day in the Life of Koda

we’ve been lucky this past month because the days have been dry and even sunny and the rain only falls at night! i love this arrangement! koda also loves it because it means we’re more willing to take him to the dog park every day ;) one day, we decided to bring the camera to the park with us, especially because the trees were at their peak. We even had our first bald eagle spotting of the season! He was swooping really close to the dog park. So close that people were picking up their small dogs because the eagle was probably going right for them! Anyway, we were able to get some good shots of Koda doing his tricks. He does the entire agility course with barely any direction! He’s super quick and excited to do it because once he does it all, he gets to fetch his ball :) people are asking us all the time how we trained him to do all of the obstacles! All we did was use treats or toys to entice him, used words he would remember for each obstacle, and repitition! He’s so funny, sometimes he’ll even do the hurdles or tires without us even telling him to do anything ;) I have such a big smile on my face right now as I’m typing this because he makes us so happy! Some action shots that Riley got were hilarious, I posted one here where it looks like he wants to kill the tennis ball haha! Koda is literally our child and we love him so much! I hope you didn’t mind this gushy boring post about our dog ;) don’t forget to get outside this week/thanksgiving/black friday!! Your dogs will love you for it :)