24 Hours in Boston

Ok, we actually had less than 24 hours on our last day in Boston. But we spent it downtown and showed our friends around some historical sites and got some necessary eats. We started off with Fenway Park. It’s such a fun stadium and it was too bad that we couldn’t go to a game that day! we then headed downtown and ended up following the freedom trail to a couple of graveyards (i didn’t complain!), churches, faneuil hall, and other landmarks. we made our way to the north end to get some good ol’ cannolis from mike’s! we can’t ever go to boston without going to mike’s! we even got a treat for our flight attendants and everyone in the airport wanted to steal the box from us haha ;) we sat and enjoyed our treats (i got the nutella one this time and it was incredible) overlooking the north end, one of my favorite neighborhoods in boston. we also were graced by some pretty drunk people going to a bar dressed in halloween costumes. it was such a stark difference between the people dressed up going to halloween balls in salem who were all classy and refined ;) our last stop was the boston public library which i’ve never been to. it immediately reminded me of the library of congress in D.C. The architecture and details were similar. There were also exhibits and halls with so much to explore! we didn’t have time to do any of that but we will for sure be back to spend a few hours in there. It’s also an actual library with a great hall which looked just like the library at the university of washington a.k.a. hogwarts haha it was amazing to see every desk occupied with people reading and studying! it was a nice day without any rain (finally!) in boston before we had to get on our flight. i already can’t wait to go back to my favorite city!

outfit details: sweater, pants (similar), denim jacket, hat, glasses