Stepping into the Old West

our next stop on our road trip was winthrop, an old western style town! i never knew something like this existed so i was so excited when we drove up, i couldn’t wait to get out of the car! it was pretty authentic, with wood plank sidewalks and everything. i really felt like i stepped onto an old western film set! i loved all of the storefronts and restaurants. we walked around with koda, stopped into some shops, and tried on cowboy hats! we found some homemade ice cream and of course we got the huckleberry because huckleberry season! it was so yummy mixed with the blackberry¬†flavor! koda once again wanted so badly to get a taste of our food! haha. this was apparently a prime stop for all of the bikers making cross-country trips. we talked to a few of them and by their accents, we thought for sure they were from canada. but when we asked them, they said minnesota! oops!

^^^a random stranger insisted on taking our photo in this head cutout thing haha! she did pretty good!

there was a mini golf course right below the ice cream place so we decided to do a round. we didn’t want to put koda in the car so we brought him with us. first, we tried tying him up but he kept whining and barking even though he was ten feet away from us! so we had to drag him along at each hole and eventually i just put his leash around my waist so my hands would be free! it was pretty hilarious and some people probably thought we were so obnoxious haha! don’t ask riley, but i’m pretty sure i beat him ;)

it turned out to be such a fun time and i hope we can spend more time exploring when we go next! we also found an awesome antique store with amazing prices that i will for sure have to go back to! we found a little surprise when we got back on the road as the sun was setting. a huge sunflower field! we had to pull over to take pictures and watch¬†the light shining through them all. it was so cool! i would die if i had sunflower fields in my backyard!! this was one of my favorite road trips we’ve done! there are several routes to take from seattle to spokane and i wish we could do this one every time ;)