Diablo Lake

For riley’s birthday weekend (yep still trying to catch up on our summer travels!), we took a road trip to his family’s home for the weekend. we decided to go a different route this time and we saw some amazing things! our first stop was diablo lake which is about 2.5 hours away from us. we had seen photos of this lake and i could hardly believe that it was real. well, i still felt that way once we arrived! we could see glimpses of the bright blue water along the road on our way but it took a while to finally get to the lake so we were really antsy! if you’re wondering what makes the water this amazing color, this is what a sign by the lake read: “as glaciers in the surrounding high country slowly wear down the mountains, the grinding of rock against rock produces a fine silt that meltwater streams carry into the lake below. this “rock flour” suspended in water reacts with light to give the lake its blue-green color.” pretty cool!we packed a lunch so we found a spot on the water. i also bought some alcohol free chardonnay (and drank it in foam cups haha) to surprise riley for his birthday. he liked it but i didn’t ;) we ended up having to tie koda up while we ate because he would not stay out of our faces when we tried to eat, as you can see in these photos! haha, sometimes he’s a punk. we were the only people there so it was super peaceful and perfect to take in the beautiful scenery. since we were in the mountains, we were expecting it to be chilly but it was a sunny day and we actually got hot while we picnicked! if we had our swimsuits on, we totally would have gone for a swim! lucky koda got to fetch some sticks in the water though :) once we packed up our things, we found a great lookout spot to get an even better view and to see the intensity of the water. it was amazing how glassy it was! i would love to kayak out there one of these days. i think this will definitely be a spot that we come back to a couple times a year!