A Luau and the Beach

 after dinner at monico’s, we stopped at the prettiest little beach! it was pretty much empty and the sun was setting, making the sky and clouds such a pretty shade of pink. the water was calm compared to the other beaches we had been to on our trip. it was too gorgeous a setting to pass up taking a few pictures :) when the sun went down, we went to the smith luau in kapaa. it’s the best and cheapest! plus you can choose to just go to the show instead of the whole feast, which is what we did. this was our first luau ever and it was a lot of fun! obviously it’s a very touristy thing to do, but i think it’s fun to do at least once :) if you don’t want to do a luau, there are other activities on the property like a river cruise, kayaking, and lush gardens to explore. i want to try the river cruise next time, it sounds incredible!


I hope you all had a lovely easter weekend with your family and friends! let’s have a great week!

Outfit details: dress, shawl, sandals, hat