Little Dates #18: Come From Away


 Last night, Riley took me to his work’s Christmas party for date night! We went downtown to the Seattle Repertory Theatre to watch the musical “Come From Away.” Walking around the lobby of the theatre reminded me of the cocktail party in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Everyone was crammed together, drinking, eating treats, talking, and laughing. It was a little crazy! Anyway, “Come From Away” is the story about 38 planes and thousands of people that were grounded in a tiny town in Newfoundland on September 11. It was a pretty incredible and unique story. i’m pretty sure most everyone in the world remembers where they were and what they were doing that day. and it seems like most people in one way or another knows someone who was affected by that horrible day as well. I always think that I would be a great actress because there are three things that if I think of them, I can cry right on the spot. Well, anything to do with September 11 is one of those things, so, yeah I cried pretty hard during the whole show. haha! oh boy. It was so heartwarming and emotional and made you want to be a little nicer to everyone! The script and music was really entertaining. We had no idea it would be so good! It was also just really cool to be in that theatre filled with alaska employees! Even though I cried the whole time, thanks for the date night, Riley! ;)