Our First Trip to Pike Place





apparently it is not proper to call it pike’s place, so i’m going to have to work on that! saturday morning, we drove into the city to check it all out. even on a weekend morning, the drive into the city is only about 20 minutes! pike place is a huge market right on the water. there are lots of levels to it as well and it is easy to get lost! it was fun seeing all the fresh fish, flowers, and veggies! we got lucky too because the sun came out! i don’t know what the deal is, but it has only been cloudy/rainy three days out of the fourteen days that we’ve been here! I was super excited to find another old school photo booth like the one we found in San Francisco! and even better: it was in a halloween shop! of course, i made riley do it with me ;) it was also fun to watch a bluegrass group perform in the street. i have loved bluegrass ever since i heard the Darlings sing on the Andy Griffith show! seriously, click that link. it is the prettiest song ever! we had so much fun exploring some new areas of seattle this weekend! it’s so pretty here and it seems like there is a ton to do and explore! stay tuned for more :)

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