Training in Chocolate Tasting








Alice Lane recently designed a chocolate shop in downtown provo! i was so excited to check it out because the interior design is so darling, but i didn’t expect to have such a fun experience as well! they don’t have a menu so you kinda just have to know or ask them what’s available. the fun part is that they do chocolate tastings! you can do the short one which is only $6! or the longer one which is i think $30. they sell fine chocolate from around the world, so they teach you how to taste all different kinds of chocolate! it was amazing how different they each were and it was fun to see which one was everyone’s favorite. at the end, we ordered the iced hot chocolate (pretty good but really rich and huge!), the sipping hot chocolate (so yummy, it’s like a melted chocolate bar!), and a scoop of the ice cream with strawberries and balsamic (best combo!). i also heard that they have croissants and brownies which i will have to try next time! if you’ve ever seen the movie Chocolat, then you can imagine how cute and fun and yummy this place is! go see for yourself if you’re in the area! It’s a perfect date night!

Taste | 117 N University Ave Provo, UT | check website for hours; walk-in or make a reservation for tastings!