Kaylas Wedding Recap!

you may wonder why i always post about my brother but hardly ever about my sisters! well, as my mom put it, bryce is everybody’s favorite :) but! i like my sisters too so i want to post a few picture’s from kayla’s wedding! it was the final destination of our california coast road trip, after all!

^^^a rare photo of the whole Denyer family! Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins!

^^^my favorite lady on the planet (other than my mom), Rosie! Our California grandma :)

while we were at the reception, it was hard to believe that our wedding was two years ago! that went by so incredibly fast! it still feels like we were married just last week! this time around, it was so fun to be able to really socialize. riley got to meet more of my ward family (as well as my entire extended family finally). i just loved talking to and catching up with so many people i love! and i love hearing riley say how awesome the people in our ward are, because they are!

And now some family pics:

^^^my pretty mom and her brothers!

^^^sisters in law!

^^^boy cousins (Lawry wasn’t there but came to the Utah reception!)

^^^all of us together! The struggle…


^^^girl cousins!

 ^^^behold, a rare sighting of my father!

We also had a reception in hot as hades Utah for Kayla’s husband’s friends. It was fun that our whole family was there again and we saw some friends who weren’t able to make it to the wedding in California! Including our friend Sammy who I hadn’t seen for two years!! And then Bryce had to say goodbye to him for another two years :(


^^^this is how it goes with trying to take a picture with Sam….

And here’s a video of Bryce showing off his moves! Sister Neff came up to him after and said “I’m SO glad you didn’t let that other guy show you up! You totally won!” Haha!

I love when my whole family gets together and isn’t fighting! ;)  this was a fun day with them all! Yay weddings!