Bald Mountain

i love going on adventures on sunday afternoons! riley convinced me to go on this hike with him. it was about an hour and a half drive to get there and the altitude was higher than we’re used to. but the hike was only three miles roundtrip! i’m really glad we did it. the drive was really pretty and the views were amazing! it’s all the way out in the uintas so i never would have gone out there otherwise! we took it pretty slow because after we walked about 50 yards, i honestly could not breathe! the higher we went, my head started hurting really bad, like someone was squeezing it! that was not fun. but coming down was a breeze :) this is the highest peak me, riley, and koda have ever been on! speaking of koda, he could have done that hike three times in the time we did it once haha!


^^^these were the steps to the tip top. the 360 degree views from up there were pretty incredible!

 ^^^self timer win. It totally looks like Riley is going to push me off the cliff in that first picture! Haha!

afterwards, we checked out mirror lake for a minute as well as the provo river falls which we would have never known about! it was seriously cool! just some hidden gems in the uintas :)


It never gets easier seeing footage and photos from this day 14 years ago. But this day always reminds me to be a little kinder to strangers. Hug the people you love today!

Have a great weekend, people!