A Little Break at the Beach

Happy Labor Day weekend! I’m wishing we were at the beach tomorrow, so I’m reminiscing with these pictures from the beach in FLorida! And I guess I should post this before summer ends! :)


for our final days in florida, we stayed in a condo in Ft Lauderdale, spent all day, every day at the beach, and explored Miami! it was just what we needed after three exhausting days of amusement park hopping! it was great not to have any plans and to just relax! (i feel like i need another beach trip soon!) also, the thunder and lightening storms were crazy! the loudest i’ve ever heard! we were on the porch one day and one bolt was literally on top of us! it was insane and hilarious :)




i thought miami beach was such a cool place, even if it was raining when we were there! definitely a different culture than i’m used to but the night life was great and all of the art deco architecture was my favorite! we went to this really yummy taco restaurant called the Naked Taco. all of their different taco options were so unique and delicious! Plus we ate on their patio in the middle of a monsoon which was pretty cool :)

We stopped into the quirky and iconic Delano Hotel. I loved every Alice-in-wonderland-esque corner of it! The pool cabanas just about killed me.


^^^these life guard stations!!!

sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach where we were staying! their nests were roped off all along the beach. one night, me and riley went on a walk to see if we could see any mama turtles coming up to lay her eggs! we totally saw one but she changed her mind and went back into the ocean! we were too far away to get a good look, but we know it was a turtle :) next time hopefully we’ll get a little luckier :)




^^^being served food poolside was perfect for our laziness! 

this was such an amazing trip. it was great to have time alone with riley and also time with the family! i can’t wait to do it again, hopefully with my family when bryce comes home!