Blood Lake


Sorry but, most of these pictures are of Koda because he is our child ;)

That speck out there is Riley’s head :)


On Fourth of July, we went through big cottonwood to guardsman pass and walked down to blood lake! I was glad it wasn’t a hike and was only a 10 minute walk :) the weather was perfect up here. About 70 degrees instead of 100 like in the city! We’ve never been here before and were surprised that not a lot of people were there! It was super pretty to walk around the lake and go off on some of the trails, and the wild flowers were out too! There was also a rope swing that we found so I convinced Riley to do it a few times :) once I saw him do it I chickened out because  it was way too close to the ground! I did get in the water with Koda though :) Koda was so good at swimming far out into the lake! We had such a blast! We can’t wait to go back this summer with friends-it’s a perfect spot for a day of swimming and a bonfire!