Abbott Kinney


Happy first of July! Can you believe it?! It’s crazy how fast this year is going by!

Anyway, after our road trip (I still need to post about big sur!) we were able to spend five days at home in Thousand Oaks, my favorite place on earth! Me, Bryce, and Riley drove to Venice beach to check out Abbott Kinney (how have I never been there before?!) and all of it’s cute beachy shops! If you’re visiting California this summer, be sure to add this hidden gem to your shopping list! I loved how colorful and happy the atmosphere was!





This vinyl store was rad! It made me want to get a record player and sound system and a whole collection of records! It was funny because the girl who was working now there told us “yeah, we don’t organize them by genres, we sort them by VIBES. Like between the sheets, kick back, party…” I was like uhh okay lady! ;)





^^^My mom would have loved this antique shop! I’ll have to bring her next time :)



^^^I was tempted to buy that mermaid bottle opener but…I already have a mermaid bottle opener ;)



I wanted to move into this beach shop! I totally blended in with my blue and white shift dress! ;) Southern California will always be my favorite place on earth for its laid back, sunny vibes! I will never get sick of this place and I can’t wait for the day that I move back. 

I also can’t wait to be back in just a couple weeks!  You know it’s a good year when you get to go home four times before the end of July!