Carmel By the Sea


I had three favorite moments on this trip: the old arcade in San Francisco, the berry farm, and Carmel by the Sea. This is the cutest and most charming town I’ve ever come across! Even the name is charming! You drive down the main road (which leads you to the ocean) and it is lined with cottage style shops. There are a ton of designer shops as well as quaint candy stores and tea rooms! It looks right out of Snow White! I also made Riley walk down some of the residential streets with me because the houses were to die for. I would live here in a heartbeat!

We walked down to the big open beach which had super soft white sand and the prettiest grey blue water. You can even see pebble beach in the distance which we had no idea was in Carmel! What we noticed about Northern California was how dog friendly it is! We were so surprised to see dogs running around on most beaches in San Francisco and here in Carmel! We hope to bring Koda some day, I know he would love it!


^^^The water was ice cold so this was Riley’s reaction when it came up to his feet!


we met a nice couple who were visiting for their anniversary. this is where they came for their honeymoon a few years ago. i dream about staying here with koda and riley, maybe for our anniversary some day!

i hope you’ve had a great week and have been able to escape this crazy heat! i can’t wait to be back to the beach this summer :)

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