Little Dates #8: Will You Marry Me?

Two years ago on May 17, 2013, Riley proposed to me! So for one of our dates this month, I planned on doing the same thing on the same night! Riley had no idea until we were at the Pie and he was like “are we going to our engagement spot after this??” Haha!

i loved how riley proposed because it was just us (no hidden friends and photographers, like the old days ;) and it was sentimental to our relationship as well. riley took me to the pie because that’s where we officially met on september 28th 2012. the pie has always been special for us throughout our relationship. not only that, it’s also some of the best/our favorite pizza in salt lake!

and guess what? this is also where riley’s parents met! how crazy is that?!


Next, we went to our secret spot where Riley got down on one knee overlooking the city in which we fell in love :)  it was a rainy night just as it was two years ago! I brought sparklers along for fun but we couldn’t get them to light because of the rain :( we’ll have to save them for next year!


^^^this was our first attempt at the self timer on our new camera. We failed.


we’re a little older now than we were two years ago and a lot has changed but it’s been so much fun being married to riley for almost two years now! he is my favorite adventure!