Sun Valley

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after craters of the moon, we took a little detour to sun valley on our way to twin falls. it’s such a cool place! it’s like park city but cooler and bigger. one store we went into, the lady was so nice and pulled out a map of ketchum and told us all of the things to check out while we were there! we thought we were only going to¬†grab a bite to eat and walk down the street for a little bit but it turned into a couple¬†hours exploring the little city. it was great! we even discovered that ernest hemingway is buried there with his wife, so we went and visited their graves. apparently we were the only two people in the world who didn’t know this fact. for dinner, we went to this italian restaurant and our server would sit in a chair next to us and talk our ears off! the people were so nice there and we hope to go back to stay (and ski) for a few days next winter. i guess sun valley is everything everyone makes it out to be!