Craters of the Moon


the best part of being married to riley is that we both love to explore! if we’re on a road trip, we like to pull over if we see something cool or to take pictures in front of road signs. no one likes road trips where you don’t stop the whole time! so, after we left rexburg, we headed to craters of the moon. craters of the moon is formed of volcanic rock formations from millions of years ago, so you walk around and it looks like the moon! plus it’s in the middle of nowhere which just adds to the weirdness of it.


on the road to it, there was a long stretch of weird land owned by the government for testing bombs and sketchy stuff. it made me feel like we were in an episode of lost or something. ha!

anyway, here are some pics from the gloomy craters of the moon! it’s a pretty neat place to visit and unlike anything you’ll probably ever see. it truly looks and feels like you’re on another planet! plus we were pretty much the only ones there since it was off season for them!

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^^^yep, we bought this national park passport because we’re awesome and nerdy ;)



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^^^there are lots of caves to explore. most of them are teeny tiny and there’s no way i would ever crawl into a tight space in the earth’s surface. hello claustrophobia! i enjoyed the ones with 50 foot ceilings :)


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^^^it had to be done.



^^^this picture of riley is actually on top of one of the hills we climbed but it’s hard to tell. i decided it was a good idea to to run to the top then i realized i couldn’t breathe. my lungs hurt for the rest of the day haha!

i loved exploring this place. idaho is full of cool surprises! i would rather be here than at work on this lovely monday morning. does anyone else feel like it’s gonna be a long long week?!

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