A Little Camping Trip


Over labor day weekend, we celebrated riley’s birthday by going rock climbing, eating cheesecake, and going camping! it was just a little over-nighter but riley was dying to try out his new pack he got from his parents! we went down american fork canyon and didn’t have to hike/walk very far to find a good spot to make camp, which i was happy about ;) it was a fun night eating hobo dinners, roasting s’mores, playing fetch with koda, and talking by the fire. but once the sun went down, it was freezing. and we only had a few blankets since we haven’t bought sleeping bags yet. being paranoid about every sound we heard outside of the tent and being freezing, it was not a very restful night haha. every time i woke up, i was shocked that it was still pitch dark outside! i couldn’t wait for morning when riley would make us a nice fire and we’d eat roasted s’mores pop tarts.


^^^i’m not sure if koda was totally sold on the whole camping thing. he liked to guard our campsite but seemed really bored the whole time. it was like he was worried we’d have to live out there forever! we got him this cool light up collar which made me a lot less nervous at night because i could always see where he was-i highly recommend it, especially if you have a black dog! in the morning, he chased so many deer but he had nothing on them! he was so happy to finally go home :)




^^^my sweet boys sleeping by the fire



happy monday, happy september, and happy week friends!