Two Pepers Travel: Cape Cod

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This summer hasn’t felt a whole lot like summer. It’s the first time in my life not being home in California for the whole summer, or at all. and let me tell you, it is really really hard. how can it be summer if there’s no beach 15 minutes away? i’m not the biggest fan of being land-locked. also, most summers i used to spend a good month living out of a suitcase, traveling or going to camp or staying at friends’ houses. basically, this summer is completely different than any i’ve ever experienced. i’m a working woman now! ;)

luckily, we did get to spend eight glorious days in massachusetts which was such a great break from work (and utah). we took a trip to cape cod while we were there, which was one of my favorite parts of our trip. we took a bumpy ferry ride with the family to p-town. which, if you don’t know, is quite an interesting place! but it is a beach town, so i loved every second of it! jenny asked me if it reminded me of california at all and i said no because beach towns in california are much different. provincetown just feels very east coast. it’s more sun hats (and speedos) and less hawaiian shirts.

here’s just a few pictures from our trip ;)

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we had fun popping into a lot of the cute shops on the main road and walking through the streets and seeing all of the charming homes! i wish i could’ve taken home all of the mermaids and old boating gear that was in all of the shops! next time i’ll come with an empty suitcase to bring back a bunch of goodies :)

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we went to this really awesome and delicious seafood restaurant for lunch that reminded me a lot of padaro beach grill back home. except this place had a lot more lobster! yum! seriously, so good. i got the surf n’ turf sandwich and riley got the hot lobster roll. holy cow, there’s nothing better than fresh seafood. and the atmosphere here was so fun. we sat outside in the back of the restaurant which backed right up to the beach, just like padaro! it felt like home :)

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^^^everything here was so bright and colorful and beachy! i loved every second of it and tried my best to soak it all in. check out those giant crab claws used as planters! love it!

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^^^we “hiked” to the top of the pilgrim monument which was suuuper high but luckily it wasn’t all stairs, it was mostly ramps all the way up so that was a blessing! we had the best views of the cape up there! 

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then we rode bikes to the beach and stopped at the wrong spot and had to walk through a ton of marshland as high tide was coming in so that was quite the adventure! it took about 45 minutes to get to the actual beach haha! but once we got there, we dove right into the cold-but-not-as-cold-as-california ocean water. riley loves a good dune to jump off of! and i loved being in that ocean, i missed it so much.

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^^^i loved seeing these pups swimming on the beach! made me miss my koda so much! 

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^^^i was taking pictures on riley’s phone and when the waterproof case is on, you never know what’s going to happen. i thought i was taking a really great picture of these three but it accidentally got super zoomed in, so this was the result haha. still cute though!

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^^^oh hey.

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i can’t wait to go back and spend more time here! and i plan on only eating hot lobster rolls next time for every meal. they are so good. where can a girl get a lobster roll in utah?!

i hope you all enjoy this sunny weekend!


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