the capital


the park we always take koda to go off leash is right down the hill from the capital. so a few days a go, we decided to take a walk around the grounds! the sunset was incredible that night and there was a great view of it and the city from up there! i love spending time with my boys! especially when we have no plans and no where that we have to be. it’s so nice. and it doesn’t happen very often! koda loved the long walk and was totally pooped by the time we were done!

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^^^that face, that face!

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^^^i don’t know how it happens, but utah’s sunsets are like this pretty much everyday during the summer! i always catch it when i’m driving home from work and risk everything to take a few pictures on my phone. haha! luckily, this one was a little less dangerous to capture ;)

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happy monday!

¡viva españa!