utah is green again!


it is so pretty around here lately! the weather has been really weird though, so we haven’t done anything outside the last couple days. plus koda skinned his paw so we’ve been keeping him off of it until it gets better. poor guy :( he’s been limping everywhere but it is looking a lot better now! hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to play outside again!

these pictures are from a few days ago when we went to the dog park by parley’s canyon. it was such a warm, sunny day. it’s looking so pretty and green! compare it to this post where it was so brown. i am so glad winter is over! we had fun in the water with koda but he refuses to go into the deep water to fetch his frisbee. are there doggy swim lessons?? only half kidding ;) he can swim, he’s just scared of it. i think we’re just gonna have to throw him into the pool with us this summer :)




^^^why does this make me laugh so hard?! ┬áhe’s so precious. i feel bad that he has to put up with me everyday haha.