we had such a great valentine’s day this year! we both had to work last night so we celebrated on thursday night instead. actually,i’m gonna go ahead and say we started the celebrations on wednesday. we got tickets to the jazz game from my friend maddie so we invited a couple friends and had a fun night out!

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on thursday, riley started the night with buying me red tulips (i hate roses). i can’t believe how thoughtful he is. then we got all dressed up and he took me to his favorite restaurant in the city: the copper onion. and wow! it was dang good and i think it might be my new favorite too! everything is made in house and the meat is all local. i got the pork chops and riley got the beef stroganoff. oh my goodness, i could’ve eaten 6 servings of those pork chops! what i also loved about this place was that the proportions were smaller (which is how you know it’s fancy, right ;) but so delicious and perfect and filled me up just the right amount. we even had room for dessert. olive oil ice cream and cheesecake topped with (the best!) honey. holy cow they were both so killer! probably my favorite cheesacke in the city, other than feldman’s deli which is true new york cheesecake. so yeah, that was a great experience. plus it was a rainy night which makes everything so much more romantic, right?!

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after dinner, we went to see ballet west’s sleeping beauty. yeah, i married a guy who loves taking me to the ballet. how did i manage that? it makes me so so happy. it was one of my favorite ballets i’ve seen from ballet west. i loved the evil fairy carabosse so much. if you’re in the area and have the slightest bit of interest in ballet, you should go see it! i should probably ask riley what he wants to do on valentine’s day, but this is becoming a tradition (we saw cinderella last year) and i’m a sucker for traditions!

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^^^that guy’s head blocked my view for the whole show. so that was pretty awesome!

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 oh and um, also, riley surprised me with two tickets to the ellie goulding concert in may!!!!! i could’ve cried i was so happy. i’ve been debating whether i should buy tickets or not and finally settled on not doing it. but riley totally surprised me and made the decision for me! i’m so stoked!! yeah, i also married a guy who will go to ellie goulding concerts with me.

riley even wanted to watch a chick flick with me! he said “it’s valentine’s day, we have to!” so we cuddled and watched pretty in pink to end the night :)

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on friday, i made some pretty delicious heart shaped french toast with home made strawberry syrup! go me! then we chilled at home all day which is always so nice. it was a pretty awesome valentine’s day for two people who think valentines day is pretty lame! riley never stops impressing me and making me so happy! i’m so glad i have him as my valentine forever :)

now to catch up on all of the school work that i didn’t work on for the last few days! ha!