Ice Castles

2014-01-23 18.05.39-1

last week, we drove out to midway to see the ice castles. i had never heard of them until this year!  how did that happen?! anyway, it was way cool (and cold!). i wish i knew how they did it so i could do it in my backyard ;) bonus: midway is such a cool, quaint little town. we love discovering places like that! we will be back soon to go ice skating at the rink next door to the ice castles, and hopefully with some friends :)




2014-01-23 18.05.44

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^^^ even the snowman from frozen was there! i don’t know his name because we still haven’t seen the movie yet….i know, i know. we will soon! :)

2014-01-23 18.24.15

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^^^and here’s a super dark and blurry picture of us ha. we’ll get a better one next time!