this is halloween

2013-11-02 23.15.55

halloween was pretty quiet around here but we still had a fun time! we planned on going to the corn maze but it was closed on halloween :/ so instead we went on a bike ride downtown! it was freezing but really nice :)┬áthen we went to our friend becca and ben’s house for a little halloween party! they’re the ones we carved pumpkins with last week. we hadn’t planned on any halloween costumes (boo) so last minute i dressed as miranda sings. if you haven’t seen her videos on youtube, go watch them right now! they’re hilarious.

2013-11-02 23.18.27

2013-10-31 23.59.18

2013-11-02 23.37.36

by the way….pinterest told me to put silica packets into our pumpkins to keep them fresh longer and guess what? they started rotting the next day. yeah. it was gross. never doing that again…

next year we plan on having a big awesome halloween party! you’re all invited! we’ll actually dress up next time too ;)