kayaking les cheneaux islands

so. the day before the boat show, we went to hessel to kayak around le petit les cheneaux islands. it was a nice sunny drive up there. we bought our (not so cheap) all day kayaking passes then drove to the lake to meet the renter people there. but right when we got to the lake, it started POURING RAIN. the girl unloaded the kayak onto the beach for us and basically said “welp, sorry bout the rain, have fun!” ummm i want my money back lady! it was freezing and we didn’t have rain jackets or pants or nothin’. it was pathetic. so we sat in the car to wait out the storm. i don’t know how long it took, but eventually it passed through so we went for it. of course, my thin sweatshirt i was wearing over my swimsuit was still soaked. and i was still freezing. and the water was freezing. and it was still pretty windy. but we did it and it was…an adventure. no, really, we had fun. we kayaked to two small (private) islands. the second one, a guy came all the way over from his house and yelled at us. hey thanks guy! we just needed a five minute break! anyway, we decided to just paddle back to shore after that because it was super windy by now and the current was super strong. plus we had to get back before it started raining again.¬†we basically drifted all the way back to shore. really. phew! it was an exhausting adventure. we’ll have to try it again on the salt lake or somewhere without torrential weather.


^^^break #1. you can tell i was having a rough time. ha!


^^^blurry, but the white buildings (or whatever that is) is where we started. this was only half way. and that patch of blue sky was just about all we had before the storm came back.


^^^there’s some more storm comin’


^^^happy faces, yeah!



^^^soaked. wishing i didn’t have long hair.

we brought riley’s water proof camera along for the ride, but it started to malfunction so we didn’t get too many pictures :/ i think these are pretty hilarious though…especially since they’re just all the same.