sunday walk

ok, i have a lot of catching up to do! i’ve been awful at this lately. it doesn’t help that i don’t have internet yet at our new apartment. anyway, a couple sundays ago, we checked out the bike path in our neighborhood. it’s pretty sweet! i complained a little too much because it was hot and there were lots of bugs. like, i came home with HUGE mosquito bites all over my legs. i looked like harry and ron when they take the polyjuice potion and their skin starts bubbling when they’re turning into crabbe and goyle. seriously. it was embarrassing. luckily, they’re all gone now :)

2013-07-16 13.51.36

2013-07-16 13.52.21

2013-07-16 13.53.11

2013-07-25 11.47.06

2013-07-16 13.55.26

2013-07-17 12.55.05

i can’t wait to get a bike so we can ride these paths together! apparently it’s like 40 miles long or something crazy.

we’ve been up to a lot of fun stuff that i hope to post about in the next few days before we leave for CALIFORNIA! (YAY!) i hope you all are having a good thursday! (me and riley have been sick and poor riley had to go into work this morning :( boo)