Exploring Downtown L.A.

for my birthday weekend, we went to california and disneyland! it was a beautiful weekend! we spent one of the days downtown and explored it a bit. all of the places we went to were new to me which is crazy since i’m from there! we didn’t get out much when we were growing up haha ;) anyway, riley rented us an audi for the weekend! i still laugh thinking about it because it’s just so silly. but it was a lot of fun! it was a little scary driving and parking it downtown though…;) we went to the last bookstore, grand central market, and usc! i’ve seen lots of pictures of the last bookstore so we had fun finally seeing it for ourselves. it’s definitely a fun little spot, plus riley loves bookstores! grand central was right around the corner so we made a stop there as well. it’s full of tons of yummy food vendors! there are so many different types of food, no one could ever leave that place hungry! everything looked delicious, but all we got was ice cream from mcconnell’s. we’ll be back to try the pupusas next time :) our last stop was to give riley a tour of usc! if you can believe it, this was his first time being to usc! i loved showing him around the campus. i love being on the usc campus, it reminds me of growing up going to the football games every saturday. i loved sharing that with riley, but i couldn’t get him to throw up his deuces in front of tommy haha. now we just have to get him to a football game! we drove home along the pch as usual. it was a pretty close to perfect day! only bad part was how my feet felt at the end of the day ;)