Halloweentime at Disneyland

believe it or not, this was my first time ever going to disneyland for halloweentime!  i’ve always wanted to but the timing never works out. so, as i was trying to decide on what to do for my birthday trip, riley suggested disneyland. which was amazing to hear coming out of his mouth because he never suggest disneyland! not because he doesn’t like it, but because it’s so pricey. so it was an offer i couldn’t refuse! and you will never find me saying no to disney ;)

since halloween is my favorite holiday, it was everything i had ever dreamed of! but it’s still a goal of mine to go to mickey’s not so scary halloween party one of these years! i loved being there with just riley but it was also super fun that my sister brianna was able to meet up with us later in the day! it was a whole new experience with all of the halloween decorations. seeing all of the characters in their costumes was the cutest! here are just a few photos from the day ;) maybe you’ll feel like you’re there by looking through all of these!

this time, we tried out the new disney Max Pass. it’s only $10 per person and you get fast passes on the app as well as free photo pass photos! doing the max pass allowed us to go on more rides in less amount of time because we didn’t have to physically go to each ride to get the fast pass, and we were able to get them sooner than usual. we used a fast pass for every ride except our first one of the day because the lines were still short. it was awesome!! highly recommend if you want to get the most out of your day. i also loved that we were able to download all of our photo pass photos straight from the app, for free! i wanted to take advantage of that more by going to a lot of the photo pass photographers but we kinda ran out of time. ah well! oh it also includes the ride photos! like the ones on splash and space mountain! see ours below :)

major jack-o-lantern inspo everywhere on main street!

i tried to take as many photos of main street as i could. i seriously could’ve spent all day just looking at all of the halloween decor tucked into every nook and cranny! it was so cute and felt like a whole new disneyland to me.

ok i have been trying to get my hands on one of the matterhorn macaroons for years! it’s stupid because it’s not like they’re rare or sell out fast! the timing just never worked out and i tried to go at the end of the day and the jolly holiday was already closed! twice! so it was a big deal that i finally got one this time and was able to get that matterhorn pic ;) plus it had halloween sprinkles so, bonus! and how cute are those mickey shaped macarons?! they were just as delicious too! (find these treats at the jolly holiday on main street!)

i also finally got the grey stuff from the rose tavern in fantasyland! it actually wasn’t amazing. it would be better if there were more raspberries in the middle, but now i know! (if you don’t know, it’s red velvet cake and a raspberry in the middle of oreo frosting which i thought would be more like pudding, on top of a shortbread cookie)

^^^checking out the new walkway that will soon lead to star wars land: galaxy’s edge!

^^^the legendary halloween tree inspired by ray bradbury’s novel!

^^^I loved this corner of frontierland by (rancho del zocalo restaurant) inspired by dia de los muertos!! it definitely got me ready to see coco!

ahhh haunted mansion is the star at halloweentime! i love it so much!!! nightmare before christmas takes over and it’s a whole new adventure. i’ve been on this version of the ride before because i’ve been at christmas time many times and it never gets old! and the hundreds of candles lining the roof at nighttime are magical in the most haunting way :)

^^^bengal barbecue is one of my favorite spots to get a light lunch/heavy snack. it’s so yummy every time! i also loved the new dining area that they added which means less traffic through adventurland! 

^^^ghost galaxy was soooo good!!! this was the longest line we waited in all day because we didn’t use our max pass. bad call!

^^^finally saw new fantasmic!! we got lucky because we got off of pirates and it was just starting! so we got a decent spot in the back! we also saw the fireworks show so we got lucky! then, after the park was technically closed for the night, we still got on indiana jones then ran over to star tours and did that twice!! the cast members just kept letting people onto the rides! haha it was awesome!

i wish we could’ve seen california adventure all done up for halloweentime because this was the first year that they went all out, especially in cars land. but i can’t wait to hopefully check that out next year! what’s your favorite time of year to visit disneyland?? there is definitely something magical about going during halliween or christmastime! thanks to riley for the best birthday present i could ask for!