bike slc

so, SLC has this new thing where you can rent a bike for 24 hours for only $5! i’ve been wanting to do it ever since they released them, so today we finally did! we had the best time exploring this city of ours. everything is way cooler while cruising on a bike rather than in your car. we discovered some awesome places, especially food places that we’ll have to eat at soon. our bike ride started off really hot and sweaty but thank goodness clouds rolled in pretty soon to save the day! i’m loving this weather lately!

2013-05-16 00.02.01

^^^dreaming about our future garden

2013-05-15 17.47.47

2013-05-15 17.53.00

2013-05-15 17.46.53

2013-05-15 17.55.19

2013-05-15 17.53.26

2013-05-15 17.53.51

^^^we’re gonna have to come back to this amazing european bakery soon!

2013-05-15 17.56.02

^^^dreaming about our future kitchen and home, outfitted in anthropologie dishes of course

2013-05-15 17.56.33

2013-05-16 00.04.53

^^^the BEST belgian waffles i’ve ever had. holy cow! (stuffed with belgian chocolate and topped with creme freche!)

2013-05-16 00.07.15

2013-05-15 17.49.53

days like these! just the best.