memorial day weekend

my first two days home were filled with a lot of activities. unfortunately, the beach was not one of them :/ straight from the airport, i went to babysit two of my favorite kids. cale loves reptiles and going on adventures and maddie loves painting and watching scooby doo. we had a ton of fun all day. by the end of the day, i was so burned out since i stayed up all night the day before! phew!

2013-05-27 20.49.21

^^^ cale has like 9 pocket knives, “and that’s just the ones in his pocket!”

2013-05-27 20.53.43

^^^we had turtle races and played star wars chess! cale slaughtered me.

2013-05-27 22.20.45

^^^then we went to the new pederson park (it’s so nice!) and climbed trees and rode scooters. i love T.O.!

2013-05-27 22.11.41

for memorial day, we spent half the day arguing over what we were going to do. ugh. so we just ended up eating at the habit and playing at the park. later, we went to another park with friends for some yummy desserts!

2013-05-27 22.10.02

2013-05-27 22.09.08

2013-05-27 22.07.37

^^^this is bryce “slothing.” he’s a weird one ;)

2013-05-27 19.49.36

it really was a nice day. and it was topped off with this gorgeous sunset!