i forgot to mention that i live in paradise

was a loooong but great day! i woke up super early (5 AM! Riley, aren’t you so proud?!) to go to my mom’s seminary class. it was really strange to be back. and i was surprisingly pretty awake for it. my mom brought a pinata for her class today. why weren’t my seminary teachers that cool? anyway, the real reason why i went to seminary was to take her car for the day so i could get my blood sucked out at the doctor. my favorite! (jokes) luckily, i was able to forget about all of that when i got to finally head to the beach! it’s about time! just what i’ve been needing. afterwards, we went straight to costco to eat some hot dogs and smoothies :)

2013-05-31 22.18.11

^^^ my brother likes to show off his tree climbing skills as often as possible

2013-05-31 17.59.45

^^^got an acai bowl and relaxed in the sand

2013-05-31 16.33.12

2013-05-31 17.55.18

2013-05-31 17.56.52

^^^and i kinda love my new swimsuit. sorry riley!

2013-05-31 22.37.58

^^^took a smal walk to the top of tarantula hill tonight with my brother! love the view.

tomorrow my schedule includes spending the whole day at the beach! yes! just warning you: when i’m home for the summer, i become a major beach bum. it’s kinda awesome.

well like i said, it was a long day and i’m exhausted (that’s what the beach does to you), so goodnight!