brother time

on bryce’s last day of high school, we went for a little bike ride (bryce scootered) around the neighborhood. we rode to 3 amigos (everybody’s favorite mexican joint in t.o.) and ate at the park. it was nice to just enjoy the sun and have fun riding around like we were kids again. i sure do love that little brother of mine. and i’m so excited to have him in utah next year!!

2013-06-07 22.56.38

2013-06-07 22.58.52

2013-06-08 21.33.58

2013-06-07 23.03.47

^^^yes, that is me wearing a hawaiian shirt. what did i tell ya? summer for me = beach bum

2013-06-07 23.05.36

2013-06-07 23.13.04