Grassy Knoll

we flew out of dallas when we went to oklahoma, so we were able to spend a day in the city before catching our plane. we visited the grassy knoll for the first time and it was a little surreal. i’ve watched and read endless things about that day so to be standing there and imagining it was something else. we didn’t do the tour but we ran into a lovely man on the street who told us all of his opinions about what happened. it escalated quickly when we wouldn’t pay him when he was done with his schpeal ha!  don’t get trapped by people on the street like we did! we saw him do the exact same thing to the next person as we walked away. but we didn’t let that ruin our fun! we walked around downtown for a bit and walked across the ronald kirk bridge to get some great views of the city. it was cold all weekend except for when we were in dallas! so we got a little sweaty while we strolled across the bridge haha! i also made riley go to draper james with me again because i can’t stay away! here are just a few photos we took while we spent the day in dallas!