Homecoming Festivities 

^^^scripture cases that a member made for bryce! he drew those pictures on them! and these are the shoes bryce walked in for two years! the garbage bags are wrapped around the insoles because there were holes in the bottom of them. crazy!

howdy! i just returned from girls camp and it was a blast!! i’m still playing catch up as i always am on my blog. these are photos of all of the homecoming festivities in california! everyday was so fun (although it was 100 degrees!) and it was a full house at home! after we picked bryce up from the airport, he told us stories and showed us all of his souvenirs. i loved seeing all of the things that the people made for him! it was clear that he was very loved! one lady even said she’ll name her baby after him if it’s a boy! :) then we went to the park for a reunion with some of our ward family. he wasn’t released yet, but laurie taylor couldn’t help but hug him…she is our second mom after all ;) i spent most of my time hogging the yummiest baby in the world! she loved me but loved bryce even more! she’s 9 months old and gave him a fist bump! haha! she loved when he talked to her in spanish too :) it was exciting for me too because it was my first day back home so i loved seeing everyone! on sunday, bryce gave his homecoming talk and of course it was amazing and super spiritual. it was incredible to hear his testimony given in spanish! that evening, we had a little welcome home party for him. more reunions spent with the people we love! the rest of the weekend was spent eating a ton of food- everyone had a place they wanted to go before they left town so we ate out like three times a day haha. donuts, pizza, ice cream, it’s fine! it was kinda funny because everything we did, we would say “oh bryce’s first time going off by himself, bryce’s first time at the beach, bryce’s first time in the water!” haha it was like he was a baby ;) we had a blast at the beach and eating at duke’s with the whole family. we seriously laughed so hard! i was able to stay longer than everyone else which was really nice! me and bryce went swimming in the pool and bryce said it was so much work haha! that’s what two years will do to you :) of course, me, bryce, and my mom 7/11 hopped on 7/11 even though i don’t even like slurpees! but it’s tradition in our family :) our last stop on my trip was doing a session in the temple! i’m glad my mom and bryce got me to go because i hate going by myself. it was a great way to end my trip! sorry for the iphone pics in the second half of this post, but they’re too fun not to post!