Fun in Wassenaar

this post finally wraps up all of our photos from our trip to holland! phew! i wanted to share some photos i took in wassenaar (the w is pronounced with a v), the town where my family lives! the little town is within walking distance of their row house. there are cute shops, seafood stands, grocery stores, and our favorite gelato in the entire world! there’s even an old windmill…in the middle of their town!

^^^we went by the netherlands temple and i was shocked by how small it was! it was on a tiny piece of land and was the size of a regular church building. but it was a beautiful temple as they all are!

^^^we tried dutch pancakes at this pancake house! they are like pizza sized crepes and you can get sweet or savory ones. they were so good!

^^^i was obsessed with my aunt and uncle’s house. and i’ve always been envious of my aunt’s blue and white collection :) every morning, i would wake up, open the windows in the bathroom, and sing “little town” from beauty and the beast! haha! i couldn’t help it! 

the whole time we were there, reilly really wanted to go on a bike ride to the beach with us, so we finally did so on our last day. it wasn’t very far from their house, but we had to go up one of the only hills in the whole country (okay, maybe just wassenaar) and it was killer! riley booked it to the top while reilly and i struggled big time but actually made it to the top without walking our bikes! haha! it was so fun. oh, and yes it was very confusing with two riley’s all week long :) once we got to the beach, there wasn’t much to do, plus we wanted to get back to town for herring and gelato! mmm, what a great combo ;) so we headed back and were surprised how much faster going back was than getting there haha. i got my last herring and a huge cut on my ankle from the bike- i still have a scar! the locals were surprised i was the only one getting herring and that i loved it so much! as the sun was setting, we headed a couple blocks over for our favorite gelato place! it was hopping with families from the neighborhood which was so fun. riley and i kept saying we’d love to live in a town like this! you can just walk or ride to town to get your groceries and any other necessities! we ate our gelato outside with the incredible sunset over our heads. i couldn’t believe the bright colors! it was the best way to end our trip! luckily, my family will be living in holland for 7 years because we will go back many times! i’m so grateful for them and their hospitality!