Hidden Gem in Vancouver

We recently got nexus cards which means we finally have pre check and global entry! it’s about time we make our travels way easier on ourselves! our interview was up by canada, so we made a day of it in vancouver! i took riley to nando’s which i had been to in d.c., and even though i spilled my water all over the table, it was still tasty :) we have always wanted to do the capilano suspension bridge in vancouver, but it’s pretty pricey. so, riley found another one that is free! lynn canyon is a little hidden gem in vancouver and we had the best time there! the bridge is the first thing you come to, then you can go down different trails to see forests, swimming holes, rivers, and waterfalls! it was all very simple, not even hiking which is my kind of outdoor activity :) we were so amazed by the beauty in the forest! it was so green and probably the most moss i’ve ever seen! it was dripping from every limb and totally looked like the grinch! :) i even caressed it and thought that’s probably what the grinch feels like haha! we’ll visit capilano one of these days, but until then, i’ll recommend lynn canyon to everyone!