Windmills at Kinderdijk

i guess i shouldn’t say any part of our trip was my favorite, because i loved it all so much! kinderdijk was another one of those special and unique places. this old town out in the country is below sea level which is how the dikes came to be! if you go to the website, you can read all about the fascinating history. i think you usually have to pay a small fee to visit, but we went after hours at sunset so we were able to just walk through! the ticket includes¬†tours of some windmills which would be fun to do. but we had a nice quiet evening with almost no one else around! my favorite thing about this place was that people still live in the windmills!! i was amazed to see families outside playing with their kids before going back inside and doing their nightly rituals. it was so idyllic! oh and the pet cats wandering around! we couldn’t help but think that kitty would love it here as she could be outside without running away– with the water keeping her corralled and all :) as i type this, i’m now wondering if it’s possible to stay in a windmill — i’m totally looking into this for next time!

we’ve almost made it to the weekend, friends! i’m hoping my cold will be gone soon…i’m going on six days! do you have any fun plans for the weekend and mother’s day!?

^^^this is a windmill that can be toured and it has a plot of land showing what life was like back in the day!