Waco Day 2

our second day in waco was a lot more relaxed since we had done everything at the silos on the first day. the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the bean bag chairs on the lawn while listening to live music! we even saw chip in the design studio, waving from the window! i wish him and joanna would have made an appearance! :)

we wanted to check out some spots in town, so we did some shopping at spice village and the findery. we even met jill at her antique warehouse (she’s been on a couple episodes of fixer upper)! the findery had a lot of cute stuff, similar to joanna’s style and the shop was so cute! i was happily surprised by how many great shops there were in waco! oh we even stopped at the dr. pepper factory…who knew they were from waco?! after all that shopping, we needed some bbq! we ate at vitek’s……we headed to clint’s shop but it was closed by the time we got there. so we drove out to the magnolia house which was actually way out in the country in a tiny town! we got there right as the sun was setting which made it seem even more idyllic! it’s such a dream house, i just wish we could have gone inside…maybe next time we’ll stay there :)

i can see why everyone wants to move to waco! we had a blast but now we need to go back when there aren’t a million people :) the food, people, weather, everything was amazing! who wants to go with us next time?!