Silos Baking Co.

we saved the magnolia bakery for our second day at the silos because we wanted to get there early before the lines got too bad. well, we got there 30 minutes after opening and the line was already long haha. luckily it moved quickly and it was so worth the wait! i felt kinda dumb, though, because since we don’t have cable, i hadn’t seen the episode of fixer upper where they did the bakery!  but i can appreciate a good interior when i see one! i even used the bathroom just so i could get pictures of it haha ;) looking back now, having seen the episode, i can truly appreciate all of the details that went into the space! plus it’s fun to see the “after” in person! now to the best part: the treats! oh my goodness…we bought  one (or two) of pretty much everything! it was hilarious when we got our giant bag (see photo above) and opened all of the boxes. we realized that we bought way too much for two people haha! we were planning on sharing with brianna and her friend but they didn’t even want any! so lame! let’s just say we had cupcakes for the next week! so like i said, we ordered a ton but our absolute favorites were the silo cookie, the cranberry orange biscuit, the lemon lavender cupcake, the silobration cupcake, and the classic cinnamon roll! oh they were so good!! our biggest mistake was not ordering a dozen cookies! they were #1 and i won’t make that mistake next time! i still dream about these treats almost daily!

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