Sakura in Seattle

Our first day back home after our Netherlads trip (coming soon!), we wanted to do something fun, so we headed to the uw campus to see the cherry blossoms! (can you tell how how tired we are?) we tried going last year with my mom but that was before we knew where campus was and we failed at finding it. it was a sunny day in seattle so it was perfect cherry blossom weather! the quad was packed with people soaking up the sun and taking a ton of photos. for once i didn’t feel so silly for taking so many pictures! but i still couldn’t work up the courage to ask someone to take our photo together…hence the selfie! the blossoms were so full and gorgeous! a little trick we have is to always have something fun planned after getting home from a trip, or after someone leaves town. that way you have something to look forward to instead of being sad! ;) we wanted to spend the day in seattle, getting tulips and meats and cheeses for breakfast. so after the cherry blossoms, we headed to pike place. it’s the best place to get flowers for a great deal! i got the prettiest tulips that i noticed later were the perfect ombre of pinks! anyway, it was such a nice chill day enjoying the sunshine! for the first couple of days, we thought we had avoided jet lag but it caught up to us a few days later when we woke up at 5 am! haha! it took me a couple weeks after that to feel completely back on track!

happy friday! we are headed to dallas and oklahoma this weekend! i cannot wait to head south again! it’s gonna be a crazy honky tonk time! (or so i hope ;))