Morning Walk in Hawaii

happy sunday! i’m excited to start blogging all of our photos from our two trips to oahu in january! hopefully by the time i finish, we’ll be back in hawaii ;) hawaii is hands down my favorite place in the world, at least out of the places i’ve been so far. each time we visit, i try to convince riley that we should move there. it’s safe to say that at any given moment of the day, i’m thinking about being in either hawaii or disneyland haha :)

one morning, we got up early to take a walk on wai’alae beach. i dressed up in this dress from free people because what girl doesn’t want to twirl around on the beach in a pretty dress?! since we were staying in honolulu, the traffic wasn’t great but the beach we went to was completely empty! the beach was lined with some really nice houses. the cool thing about hawaii is that all of the beaches are public! that means there are a lot of empty beaches near residential areas, even hotels don’t have private beaches. we started to see some locals walking their dogs and i couldn’t help but think how much koda would love it! this beach also surprsied me with a ton of sea glass treasures! this is my favorite way to start my day in hawaii. someday it will be our daily routine…hey it doesn’t hurt to plan for the future! ;)

outfit details: dress, earrings