That “Beachy” Look

We were hoping to go snorkeling on this trip to hawaii, but the weather was so windy (see the photo above of my jacket flipping over my head haha) and the water was so chilly and choppy that we never wanted to get in! but, after checking out pipeline, we drove to the very end of the highway and settled at mokuleia beach to play around at. we were the only ones there and it was so nice! we found a coconut to toss around and then riley tried to crack it open as he always does when he finds a coconut haha. at one point, i wanted to get my hair wet so i could get beachy hair. riley had the brilliant idea of holding me upside down which would’ve worked if he had experience in being a dance partner…but he doesn’t. so there i am, upside down, staring at the water coming straight for my face and i’m trying to yell to riley to hold me up higher but i’m screaming and laughing so hard that he didn’t understand me! i tried holding myself up by stretching my arms up (or down) but all of my strength was gone from laughing! meanwhile, i was slipping while riley was trying to get a better grip on my entire body but we both just lost our strength and…now my head is in the wet sand…and now my (clothed) back. you can say a little more than just my hair got that “beachy” look. haha! thanks to our friend joey for all of these photos of us!