Hiking Crouching Lion

on our second trip to oahu in january, we wanted to go on a hike since we haven’t really done that in hawaii yet! if you’ve heard of crouching lion, you’ve probably heard that it’s long and super dangerous. well, there is a short and safe version that we did instead! the dangerous one is actually called the Pu’u Manamana Ridge trail. I’m not going to get into all of the logistics, so just Google “crouching lion mini hike” if you want directions to do this one that we did! anyway, it starts as the same trail as the longer hike and at one point, there is a fork where you can decide to go the hard way or the short and easy way. well, the hike, although it is short, isn’t easy haha. it immediately starts climbing in elevation and we had to hold on to ropes to get up some parts of the trail. it was so worth it though because every time we stopped and looked around, the views were incredible. and when we got to the very top, it was one of the best views we’ve had in hawaii! i was glad i brought a light sweater because i kept getting hot then cold, and the peak was super windy! getting down was another story. i slipped and fell a couple times…damaging our camera. luckily it still mostly works! we loved doing this hike and would highly recommend it! you can’t beat those views. the different shades of ocean blue were ridiculous! obviously, we couldn’t help but take a million photos! enjoy!

we’re flying to HOLLAND today! i’ve never been out of the country let alone off of the continent! i’m so anxious and can’t wait to discover a whole new world! i’m also excited because this is just our first big trip of the year so it feels like everything is finally happening!